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We do not recommend working with this affiliate team if you are willing to receive informative support and reward for bringing players. The situation described above obliges us to publish the case and to doubt the fairness of E — Play 24 Affiliate, which was previously a trusted partner of ours.

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At this point in time, both Casino Plex and PokerPlex24 are using different formulas to calculate the commissions they are willing to pay. Another issue that might be creating problems is the size of the company, which gives it limited access to online casino operators. E-Play 24 also maintain a database of advertising and marketing material that can be integrated with a casino operator's site when they are ready to start making extra money.

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This offers a clear indication that there are certain benefits derived from using smaller affiliate programs. First, it should be noted that E-Play 24 is a small affiliate program that currently supports only two sites, Casino Casino plex affiliates and Pokerplex Casino Plex — affiliate does not pay commission Ruling Declined - This complaint is regarding an affiliate program and needs to be submitted to our affiliate complaint service at POGGWebmasters.

Commissions will be paid on all referrals for as long as the referred player maintains active status with the receiving online casino site.

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For online casino websites that wish to take advantage of being able to refer customers to PokerPlex24 and Casino Plexthe only two requirements are ownership of a website that has the ability to integrate third-party advertising and filling out the requisite application.

When the usual payment date occurred between the 1st and 15th date of monthno commission payment has been made and neither any communication casino plex affiliates been sent in order to inform us of the possible delay in payment.

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Through the program's affiliation with Playtech, the hope would be that Playtech will give it access to customer sites that might be in the market for another affiliate program. After approval, E-Play 24 has the software technology to track activity on a real time basis, subsequently issuing commission payments via Skrill or bank wire.

While the program may be quite small by today's standard, the promise lies within. Both sites have the same ownership and operate on the wildly popular Playtech iGaming software platform. This case has drastically influenced our working capital as we have hoped to be rewarded for generating profit for them.

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During the month of March we managed to earn more than a significant commission by advertising Casinoplex on our website. The E-Play 24 Affiliate Program is a great example of how a software provider can help its clients help one another grow their respective business. One of the reasons the program might be struggling to secure membership might have to do with its relatively low commission rates.

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Player's Complaint Dear Gaming Community, We are advertising group VivaBonus working with more than 80 casino brands and we would like to bring to your attention an unethical business behavior of E-Play 24 that is responsible for promoting CasinoPlex casino brand.

Unfortunately, no commission payment has been made during the aforementioned period and again, no response has been given to our numerous reminders.

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The ability to customize specific commission or revenue sharing plans could prove to very useful to members that looking for custom solutions.

Casino Plex Status: Closed