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I am looking fo a victorian pedestal mailbox with a rear-locking door. Do you carry quad mailboxes?

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Are there mail slots wider than 12"? How do I know it will fit? How do I order a new key lock for a Epoch mail boss? Unfortunately, we don't have any vintage mail slot parts; however, you could check with Restoration Hardware.

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Please call us for further assistance. Our receptacle is in the wall and it has about a 6" x 8" opening on the interior wall that needs a little door to cover it. My question is simply do you supply a mailbox that can be mounted into a concrete slab?

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Drill four pilot holes through the back board into the edge of the shelf board, being careful to not drill at an angle. To stop mail theft out of my mailbox. We do not have a unit that fits these requirements. Here is the SKU for what you're looking for. We do not work with any vendors for installation or repair needs.

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Do they come with warranty? Apart from protecting from the cold and the wind, this mail slot is also designed to keep dirt and debris out of your home. Do you carry them? We live in a cold climate in the winter and have a draft coming through our current mail slot.

Thanks for your interest.

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Welcome to the Door Mail Slots Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different door mail slots for your home. You will find exclusive clips, classic favorites, and montages of some of the funniest, real, videos you've ever seen. Often mail slots are very flimsy and can almost open up if the wind is strong outside.

We do not carry a drop box that small.

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We do not sell a weighted post. I'm interested in purchasing Salsbury Mail Slots. How much catnip did he have for breakfast? Both flaps are weatherstripped and spring loaded for home depot magnetic mail slot closing power and the slot also come with an internal brush strip.

Please click the link to view our selection of Vertical Mail Slots. The Salsbury Standard Mail Slot comes in antique, chrome and brass finishes. My current mailbox has a post in five gallon bucket filled with dirt and is not stuck in the ground rural area. Needs to let packages in not just letters.

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How do you order separately for ? Please call us so we may determine what parcel boxes you need. It is specifically designed for theft deterrence and vandal resistance.

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I need a cross post bar for mailbox serial it is tan and iron that is square looking. We sell a mail drop that has a 11'' W x 4'' H mail slot. Please call for assistance. You can use scrap pieces of 1 x 3 in.

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So is this slot worth the extra money? I am looking for a mail slot cover that has a doorbell button located at the bottom center. It depends on what you want to order. Many of our mailboxes can be mounted on concrete. I am looking for 4 in a row. I am looking in the price range of around Do you have these in stock?

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The closest match that we are able to find at this time is the Traditional Curbside Mailbox 9" H x 18" D. The door hinges have rusted off of my black, steel city mailbox. After about five minutes, use a rag to wipe off any excess stain from the surface. Shop through a wide selection of Door Mail Slots at Amazon. I need mail slot in black measuring 9.

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I need a replacement door with a flange to fit a regular plain standard size mailbox. Most of the items on this page are USA made products. Please call for assistance with finding the right part.

I need a mailbox with the horse and carriage on the side and the numbers posted above on plaque. To order the Salsbury Industries Mail Dropclick the link and check out from the item page. Another great aspect of this model is the privacy feature: So, please, browse and explore our different sections to find some of the best viral, funny, videos around.

Are customized brass numbers available for the wall mail slot?

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