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Many a story is told about this abode which has been even claimed to be haunted in many a folk tale that has been woven around its magnificent history. The number on the role was Starting with Maurice Wanigaratne who lived in the same E Block, ground floor. The Gomez's had entrances on both Sagara Road and Clifford Place although the Sagara Road entrance became the main gateway to the Nirmala Casino fort mill sc Chapel when it was established by them within their premises.

Traffic slows down to a crawl and horns and abuse blow out in chorus intermingling with engine noises and fumes that turns the towns into melting pots of absolute pollution. Bill's unscheduled 4th appearance on the 7th February show came out of the blue and proved to be a highlight in his career. Along a row of businesses, which included Silk Paradise owned and managed by a Sindhi family, was a two storeyed building which was used for residential purposes one of which was occupied by the Jansz family.

Oh well I thought, I'll just have to put up with it and sing it. The pint-sized Carl Cooke, the former Thomian wicket-keeper, had a ballroom dancing school opposite Lion House directly behind the petrol shed at the Bambalapitiya Junction. Rizvi migrated to Vancouver BC in Canada with his family where he passed away in Students still in touch "I particularly remember Sicille Kotelawala, a very beautiful child.

Roy Clogstoun and his family also lived at Block M. Kadju Pulang trees were common to this area and it was the belief that outlaws hiding in this dense jungle would hijack and plunder bullock carts carrying produce between Galle and Colombo, It appears that these bandits would murder these traders and hang the bodies on the Kadju Pulung trees.

With the passing away of Papa and Tom the rest migrated abroad to Australia and the business was closed, much to the sadness of many faithful patrons and musicians who used to visit the shop like a prayer almost every day.

Some of the Lion House "boys" got involved in a brawl at one of those New Year's Eve dances, which ended tragically in the death of a young man, who fell out of an upstair window when taking a punch. These first years from Feb. The years following World War Two produced musicians of fine vintage in this country.

If its "Buriyani" its Mayfair, and they did a splendid job with it and their take-away specials of chicken and mutton is something still spoken of by the old timers, a taste that has never been matched even to this day.

They had the big band sound and their rendition of the Glenn Miller favourite "Take the A-train", which is a perennial, was superb. Anything we needed, they were there to assist! Mother Gonzaga appointed superior.

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Pool-bar was right there and dinner under the stars was amazing. The shop was first famous for its 78 rpm gramophone records, later 45 rpm's, and then even later EP's and LP's of the latest music in the industry.

She could do a multitude of things remarkably well," recalled Jayawardene. Inayat is the Managing Director. School taken for use as a Militiary Hospital. The Streets of Bambalapitiya Barefoot Gallery and CafeGalle Road Barefoot This establishment was originally started by that erstwhile gem merchant from the south, Ahamed Salih where he carried on his lucrative gem business catering to both tourists and locals up to the early seventies.

And then there was the Bambalapitiya Flats Welfare Society, housed in the far block by the seaside, which catered to the entertainment, amusement and general welfare of all its residents on special occasions, festivals, and holidays.

Lekha Studio The Lekha Studio, facing Galle Road was a sprawling and massive old cottage style structure that offered high quality photography and development for the public. My grandfather Mr Akbarally and grandmother Shireen passed away some years back. At the top of the road where the Great Wall Hotel stands now, was previously occupied by the Sherrif Hadijar family, who have since moved to Davidson Road, having rented it out to a Hotelier.

I can only look back and admire the beautiful things around me," says Jayawardene. And her three children Rohan, Manel and Menik who lived amidst all the colour, happiness and creativity grew up to be just that. They had one Incubator to do the custom hatching of eggs brought by customers. It was a time when pioneers as Soma Udabage and Lena De Silva reigned supreme with their own unique creations.

I have no regrets and look back on life very happily. Shums, Noor Thaha, were the Ahamed boys who were no second to Adil in their mischief making and antics in town. The first public Prize Distribution. A notable corner store, that was gutted to cinders during the '83 Sinhala-Tamil riots that erupted, is the banana shop displaying its variety of fruit in all shapes and colors and sizes.

Upon arrival I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Tie casino fort mill sc dye, discovered by Swanee Jayewardene is still sought after in India and Thailand. The series had just blasted onto the nation's television screens a few weeks earlier and Bill was already a big fan of the show.

The occasion was a massive gala that provided sweet meats, traditional goods, clothes, toys and trinkets with lots of amusements for the children in an event that lasted almost a week during August of every year.

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Her fashion show held in the early s called Vilasitha, was the most talked about event in that era," recalled Rohan Jayawardene. Galle road is the main link between Colombo and the South and is always heavily loaded with trucks, petrol tanks, cars, buses, motor bikes, scooters, bicycles, carts, three-wheeler taxis and in the old days the manually driven rickshaws.

Amongst the people present, some were absorbed in deep contemplation, others wept tears of joy, love and gratitude: The Aziz family tree is available at www. Bill Forbes was born on 17th December in Sri Lanka.

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Lion House was patronized by a cross-section of guys. Patrick and David Muttumani, who both played cricket for St Peter's, were his sons. I began to think he didn't want me at all and the call was just a polite way of letting me down. This was no ordinary down-the-street pharmacy as it had its aura of professionalism, respect, and honor by way of its design and interior and also its white coated salespersons, who looked more like the members of a hospital staff rather than a store.

The staff signed us a walk out room right to the pool areathis was perfect for my kids and mom. The Patternots were also another famous family in the Flats. Pics of the fernando family may be viewed at http: A massive housing complex project with international participation is currently being planned on its site in order to cater to the massive demand for residency within the big city.

She attended Vivil Ludowyk's Academy for the Backward down 8th Lane, with the other students lounging around at the head of the lane, cigarettes dangling from their lips trying to make her acquaintance. A massive condominium apartment complex, a new icon commonly seen in Colombo in recent times, is also raising its head right next door to the Mohideen residence.

The way a mother lives her life can touch the lives of her children in the most unexpected ways. The Textile Mill, once a bustling industry, managed by Soley Captain, that employed hundreds of workers, is now closed and dysfunctional.

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Today, Bill is still regarded as the first Sri Lankan solo artist ever to secure a recording contract and a hit recording outside his native country. The store has since changed ownership and has been transformed into a general tourist store offering a variety of Sri Lankan produce and also a wonderful collection of valuable books and publications by Barbara Sansoni, who is an artist, writer and designer who has exhibited her drawings and woven panels across Asia, Europe and North America.

Ghouse are some of the names that come to mind of great cricketers of that era who distinguished themselves at Cricket at various levels.

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I didn't hear anything from Jack for several weeks after that. Although the place did not serve liquor many a patron came there soaked and swinging, to wind up their long and thirsty day with a good buriyani feed as their "old ladies" wives would not be awake when they would eventually get back home in the wee hours of the morning.

Starting at Bambalapitiya made a difference…. Normally I would only get to sing just one song but because Cliff was such a big star by this time he would always get about four or five numbers to sing. John Britten who welcomed us from the lobby he was very knowledgeable about the property's transition, he is also great with children as he showed us around the pool area my kids loved that he remembered their names through out our stay!

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The descendants of this family, Haig, Brian and Shelah still live in their ancestral home down Mary's Road. At the top of the street was the de Pinto family of which Claude used to be one of the lads who played cricket with the rest of the gang.

The Dutch Burgher Union is also located on the left, further down, opposite to the roundabout. During our stay the power went out in the lobby and the system went down, but the reception team was super super attentive and the made any inconvenience go right away.

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There are no coloured roses in her garden now, only the coloured memories, and the fragrance remains. Nihal is also a very active member of the Royal College '59 Group Alumni who meet in gay camaraderie and celebration, during the cricket and rugby seasons each year.

Bambalapitiya (Colombo-4)