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For example, the dealer shows a ten, the anchor has 13 and the targeted player has a total of nine. Sometimes the anchor would even hit a three or four card standing hand. The optics necessary to peek the top card were molded right into the face plate.


These slugs are then cut out of play by an accomplice posing as a player, or the dealer just gambles with a legitimate player cut. In some spots, if you let your casino inglaterra be heard, you can expect to be escorted to the street. This means you could be standing on top of the dealer and probably never suspect the peek.

If you happen to be in this game looking for the prism or watching the dealer's eyes, trying to detect him glancing in the shoe's direction for the peek, you would have to wait a long time. Most of what you are about to read has never been "tipped" in print. You also have many players who believe you can't be cheated in shoe games.

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Some card manufacturers use more than one finish on the same back design. When I catch them off guard they cut center about 8 or 9 times out of There were no extra or moving parts, just a front, back, two sides and the bottom.

Finally, we've only touched a few bases. The operators boasted that no casino shose could beat the 4-deck shoe with a card counting strategy. Since the writing of this article, I have encountered short shoes in two Las Vegas casinos.

This can be very frustrating.

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Removing ten-valued cards and aces from a four-deck shoe before the game starts will effectively increase an operator's advantage. In this position not only can the top card be peeked but the second card can be dealt.

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With the cards dealt face up, some discretion must be used by the anchors in their playing decisions. The dealer simply waited until a rich round showed up i.

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The only visible discrepancy is the slightly longer face plate which goes unnoticed by all except those in the know. An inferior variation of this shoe has the prism replaced by a "shiner" mirror.

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This article addresses three of the most common methods of cheating players with a shoe. If the top card is read to be ten valued, the early anchor will hit almost any hand, taking off at least one winning card from the player. The player always played two hands and generally played alone.

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It was used in single-deck games as a subtle substitute for the second deal. Hopefully, there will be no traffic at the time. The shoe is legitimate, and although the cards are marked, these games are always dealt face up making it impossible for anyone to "burn" watch closely the back of any card for any length of time.

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