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Attacks on a monster's head will cause a yellow shockwave, and when this is done enough times, the monsters will become stunned, much like a hunter would. How much the element effects a monster is dependent on the monster's weaknesses.

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Element Elements are the secondary damage that is done. If an Elder Dragon that has an aura Daora, Teostra, and Lunastra is poisoned, its aura will be gone until the poison effect has ended.

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Each monster has its own resistance to paralysis, and some stay longer than others in the stunned state. The effects of sleeping can be increased or decreased with proper armor skills.

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Placing and detonating bombs on a sleeping enemy will give it a devastating wake-up call. It is worth noting that while a monster sleeps, it regains lost health. A Gravios back shell for example can only be penetrated by white, or not even purple when on a G-ranked quest.

KO Also called dizzied or stunned. Sleep is also a secondary status effect that can be caused to enemies by the use of weapons or items. A monster can be paralyzed by using a weapon or an item.

When hitting a monster with a Slime element weapon, the attack impact will light up with three different colors, starting from green to yellow to red.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tutorial - Upgrading the Insect Glaive (Kinsect)

Paralysis duration can be increased or decreased by wearing armor with the appropriate skill. Additionally, bouncing will prevent you from chaining attacks.

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Being hit by a monster or another hunter will instantly awaken anything that is sleeping. However, an added advantage of putting a monster to sleep is that the next attack dealt to it deals triple damage.

On this Page, you will find the exact description on how damage you deal with your weapon: Each of these Blights will cause different effects and can be increased or decreased due to weaknesses and resistances. Paralysis Paralysis is a secondary status effect. Each link directs to a page with more specific information.

In MH3, monster's element attacks now inflict status conditions, known as Blights.

This will also disable the Chameleos' invisibility. When a monster lands several hits in succession, the hunter may become stunned. While an enemy sleeps, things such as sharpening, drinking potionseating meator even attacking the sleeping monster can be done. A hunter is paralyzed when he or she falls down frantically and yellow shock waves pass through the body.

Under construction Element Main Article: This allows them to get a free hit.

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Monsters are helpless and vulnerable when KO'd, and most of them will fall over, allowing certain parts to be hit more easily. During Slimeblight, the hunter is covered with a green goo, and if the Brachydios hits with another Slime attack, the hunter will explode and take increased damage.

A creature is paralyzed when it is hunched over, and yellow shock waves pass through its body.